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Day off so going to do something. @riz_khalifa

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What happened to makin it work at all cost?

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What if I wanted to be your boyfriend? :)

I have my own 3 bedroom apartment, and a car. I have a career in the business side of the military which they send me to school for. I make enough money that we could live decently and you wouldn’t even have to work (if/when you eventually move in with me

Damn! What a lucky guy he’ll be!


I want to talk to people but I feel like I annoy every single person I talk to

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Have the next few days off and trying to decide what to do…

I’ve only done that once…. Everyone is short to me. :(

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Everyday every hour I should have this cup haha.



Gotta respect this guy.. This takes balls! Congrats!!!  This is AWESOME!

Imagine what he would have to do for a proposal. Has to be bigger!

Aw. Can someone do this for me haha


a true sibling relationship

What cunt… Haha


a true sibling relationship

What cunt… Haha

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Chilling and enjoying the lights #communicationshillsstairs (at Communications Hill Stairs/Trail)