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Good bye San Jose. Departing from my best was and easy not easy thing to do. Try to hold my tears but as soon as saw her the last time at the turn I couldn’t hold it in and just started crying in front of my mom. Can’t help but leaving a big part of my life behind. But thanks for helping me move my stuff to the uhaul. Love you best. Will miss my family and you the most. @riz_khalifa

….? #birthday #dontwantaparty #justasmallgatgering #turnsintoaparty #haha

Loving the night sky and being able to sit right in front of home to just enjoy some quite time and to reflect.

Probably the reason why I’m single, always get flaked on and I never expect anything anymore because of it. Not that I don’t like being single I’m just saying. #sadlife

I'm in love with the goddesses.

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After 14 Japanese tours, the girls finally returned back home to Korea. A fan event was organized where sones held up papers saying “We missed you.” 

I wanna see them in concert.

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When I can’t sleep…..

This wasn’t supposed to make me smile… but it did. Very adorbs. 

It feels nice after a while to be able to talk to someone and have a meaningful conversation. #happytohavetalkedtohim